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Helping people connect online with offline world

The internet counter

We live in an analogic world full of digital data. Every time we want to access to these data, we have to search for them with our PC, tablet or smartphone. That is the reason why we have created MIOT, an IOT (Internet of Things) gadget to gather and display all these metrics with no effort.
MIOT is an engaging, interactive and powerful marketing tool.
MIOT is a board that shows how many visitors your blog has.
MIOT is a physical device to display all the Internet metrics.
MIOT is not just a counter, it can track whatever you want.

Make us happy, Count everything


Connected to the major social media networks: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But it is open, connect it to what is really important to you.

Track your metrics

We have prepared it to count Facebook likes. The followers, mentions and hashtags on Twitter and the Instagram tags too. But there are not bounds.

Open Source

Able to be connected to whatever you dare to count. Visit our Github repository to download the code, play with it and improve all the features.

  • High quality materials

    The cover is made of beech wood, giving the product elegance and sophistication.

    The frontal is made of steel with glassy finish. It is drilled, what we think makes the front more aesthetic.

    The brain of the product is an Open Source microcontroller. Why? Because we want to do things easier for you, moreover, we want you to develop your own projects with it in a simple way.

  • Craftmanship

    Almost everything is handmade with a lot of love and care.

    An experienced carpenter builds each one of the covers made of beech wood. This fabrication gives our device a personal touch away from industrial products.

    That is the reason why we have different types of wood, just ask us the one that combines perfectly with your environment or your style.

  • Electromechanical display device

    Do you remeber the old departure boards? The ones that made that rattle noise?

    We have redesigned that mechanical display, adding numbers letters and logos.

    So you can show your online presence, how many followers you have in your Social Media profiles, what is the weather like, or whatever you desire.

This seems complicated...No, It's not

    Plug In

    Plug in

    Power it up.


    Connect to MIOT network

    Connect to the Wi-fi network created by MIOT.


    Set up your MIOT

    Configure your social networks accounts.


    Start counting

    Enjoy counting whatever you want, you will love it!

the MIOTteam

  • Fco. Javier Pajares

    Fco. Javier Pajares

    The face of the company, you can find him in the most important events. He solves all the financial problems.

    Sergio Luján

    Sergio Luján

    His specialist technical area is electronics. Cables, tin and sparks. That's what you can find on his table.

    Jose Sánchez

    Jose Sánchez

    He is the one always dealing with providers. For him, the key for success are organization and methodology.

  • Lluis

    Lluis Gómez

    His field is design. You can see him always stressed improving some renders. His outfit always include a shirt.


    Edgar Bahilo

    In charge of the graphic department. You will always find him trying to make everything more beautiful.

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